Budget Unit

March 2022

The Ada East District Assembly Budget committee on Thursday, 9Th September 2021 held its Annual budget review. The review was to make way for the budget Unit to brief the house on revenue performance as at December 2020, revenue projections for fiscal year 2021 and revenue mobilization strategies. The meeting was chaired by the District Coordinating Director, Mr. Fred B. Kpodo and the various heads of departments within the district and the Unit heads among others were present.

The Programme commenced with a prayer by Mr. Ebenezer Quay, the District Finance Officer followed by an official opening by the District Chief Executives, Hon. Sarah Dogbakie Pobee who was in attendance gave the objectives for the Programme and asked Committee members to contribute meaningfully.

The following strategies were outlined to aid in the improvement of revenue generation:

  • Revenue zoning should be implemented and supervised by a specific officer for accountability purposes in case there was a problem
  • It was agreed that BOP & Property Rate should be left in the domain of DBA as the head of Budget and Rating Unit.  DCD noted that check and balances should also be put in place to address the systemic failure.
  • The building permit section needs to be streamlined. DCD re-iterated the systemic failure bedeviling the revenue generation that section. It was agreed that Check and balances must also be put in place.
  • A database manager must be put in place to handle issues of database of the bills.
  • Stations purposely meant for payment of taxes must be situated across the length and breadth of the District to make it easily accessible for tax payers.
  • Newly-recruited commission collectors could be given additional responsibilities of collecting bills.
  • Contact list of clients should be taken  and updated in the database
  • General Counterfoil Receipts (GCR) should always be itemized and be used specifically for the items it was meant for. E.g. BOP GCR.
  • The revenue accountant   should have another cash book meant for recording of specific bills in addition to the general cashbook.
  • On the issue of Kasseh bills which was not yet prepared, DBA noted that he had an old blue print. He would thus make it available for further updates.