Planning Unit


The development planning unit is one of the units under the central administration department. The development planning unit exist to perform the following functions:

  1. The unit serves us planning secretariat for the district planning coordinating unit (DPCU).
  2. It serves as the focus for development planning of the district.
  3. It coordinates and harmonize all development efforts (plans) of all departments, units, and sections into a single document called the District Medium Term Development Plan (DMTDP).
  4. It performs research roles into development issues. That is social and economic.
  5. It also performs the role of working on strategic documents or plans.
  6. It ensures that all developmental efforts of the district is geared towards achieving the national goal.
  7. Monitor and evaluate the development policies, Programmes and projects in the district.
  8. Compile data that will be of relevance for further planning and decision making purposes.
  9. Carry studies on development planning matters in the district including studies on economic, social, spatial, environmental, sectoral and human settlements issues and policies.